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Women's - Debbie Bray      
Men's - Kevin Scott      
Sr. Women's - Joan Fanning

(Full results can be found under events tab and then tournament results)

Notice To all Members

On behalf of the Governance and Nominating committee, we are seeking expressions of interest from any member who has a desire to join the Board of Directors of the Abercrombie Country Club in 2015.

Volunteer members of the Board of Directors serve a 3 year term upon appointment by the members at the AGM in January 2015.

In addition to attendance at monthly Board meetings, which typically take 1.5 to 2 hours, Board members are expected to serve on 1 or more committees that meet on a monthly basis for approximately 1 to 2 hours.  The chairperson of each committee assists in the preparation of the report of the committee to the Board.  Committee reports and other Board documents are circulated the week prior to Board meetings for review to ensure all Board members are up to date with committee and management’s activities.  The time commitment to serve on the Board is not significant and it is very important for our members to participate in the running of the Club.

In 2015 the board will have approximately five vacant positions and will be looking to fill these vacancies with members who have experience in but not limited to:

  1. Finance
  2. Engineering/Technical
  3. Marketing / Promotion
  4. Food service / Hospitality
  5. Golf industry / Tournament coordination
  6. Administrative / planning / Organization
If you or anyone you know may be interested in joining your board please reply to me by email at or phone 759-2129. I will be very happy to discuss with you your interest in helping to move our club forward.

Craig Gerrior
Governance and Nominating Chair
Abercrombie Golf Club

Turf Talk

Thursday, August 20 -  Fertilizing fairways this morning. We will also be finishing the aerification of the tees today.

We will be respraying fairways and roughs for clover control in the upcoming weeks. We will attempt to spray only a couple of tanks early in the day and do our best to avoid you, the golfer. However, this is a long process and can only be done when it is not raining, going to rain or is not too windy, so our window of opportunity is quite small.

Your patience, as always is appreciated.



On Wednesday, June 25, a new set of tee blocks appeared on the golf course. These are the "Family" tees, designed for anyone that wants to play them, but specifically for that group that hit the driver a maximum of 150-175 yards. They are positioned predominantly on the fairway cut, with only one hole measuring over 400 yards and most par 4's in the 240-260 range. The total yardage for 18 holes has being set initially at just under 4,200 yards, subject to adjustments over the first couple of weeks as we seek out the most appropriate length.

These tee blocks are multi-coloured, representing the fact that they are not designed for any one group. So, please let us know what you think and after a few weeks we will determine whether this is something we should retain or not.

Trying to make the game fun for all!!