2020 Membership Application and Renewal Form 

2020 Membership Rates 

Promotion Rules:

  • The promotion is eligible to members in the following categories: Intermediate, Graduating, 9 Hole, Weekday and Weekday Couple, Couple, Parent and Child, Family of 3, Family of 4, and Individual. 2019 Fall Promo memberships are excluded from this promotion.
  • One gift card will be given out for each paying adult, i.e. 1 Couples membership resulting in 2 members will receive 2 gift cards, whereas 1 Parent and Child membership resulting in 2 members will receive 1 gift card.
  • New members must name their referring member when they fill out their application.
  • The existing member will receive 1 gift card for their referral of one membership category purchased, i.e. a member referring a Family of 4 membership resulting in 4 members will receive 1 gift card.

Please note the following date changes that appear on the Rates sheet:

  1. Preferred payment of dues is by cash, certified cheque, personal cheque, debit or e-Transfer.
  2. Payment plan schedule: April 30th, May 30th, June 30th and July 30th
  3. All dues must be completely paid by July 30th, irrespective of the date of the initial payment.

Members Welcome
On behalf of the Board of Director’s, management and staff a sincere welcome to all new and existing members to Abercrombie Country Club this season.

The club prides itself on providing the membership with personal and professional customer service and promotes an open door communication policy with your Management staff and Board.

Your membership has a tremendous range of benefits that will enhance your golfing experience at the club. If you require any information related to your membership privileges please contact us at your convenience.

  • Staff Philosophy, Members first
  • On-line tee time reservations
  • Ability to view a Live Tee Sheet on our Website
  • Updated Member News and Schedules on our Website
  • Monthly Men’s, Ladies, Junior and Mixed Events
  • Weekly Men’s & Ladies Nights
  • Weekly Senior Men and Senior Lady Events
  • Weekly Junior Program, Clinics and Events
  • Reciprocal Memberships
  • Practice Facilities & Locker Rooms
  • Privilege of early morning Golf
  • Member Guest Rates for Green Fees
  • Men’s and Ladies Interclub Events
  • Member Clinics hosted by Club Professionals
  • Professional Club Fitting & Instruction
  • Member 3 Day Advance Booking Policy
  • Discounted Family Memberships
  • Full Service Dining, Lounge & Banquets in our Bar & Grill
  • Full Time Beverage Cart Service
  • Early Payment Rewards Program
  • Member children under 8 play free after 6pm Sunday evenings, accompanied by member parent.

Our management team is available to contact if you wish any further information about your membership and privileges at Abercrombie, a member’s club since 1919. As a member’s club that embraces volunteerism, we extend the offer for you to become involved and support the management team and Board of Directors.

Policy: Tee Time & Booking Policy

Green Fees

  • 3 days in advance (e.g. Monday for Thursday)
  • 30 days in advance for tee times after 11:00am and for designated times prior to 11:00am. (4 Tee Times)
  • Green fees are permitted to play prior to 11:00 am only if they’re with a member or if they book in advance for designated times prior to 11:00am. For tee-times after 11:00 am, green fee players have the same privilege as members.
  • During Men’s Night & Ladies Night, green fee players must play with a member, and they are subject to paying the league fee ($5-16) on top of their green fee process. They will be entitles to the meal and beverage that goes along with men’s night and/or ladies night. Green fees must have a prearranged game set up in this case.


  • 3 days in advance (e.g. Monday for Thursday)
  • Members may reserve a maximum of two tee-times with names (or numbers) except on Saturday and Sunday in which case it’s 1 tee-time per phone call.
  • During Men’s Night, members are allowed one guest/member in each group of four, no more than two can be green fees.
  • Advance bookings are available for members wishing to book and play with guest’s but must be approved by management. (Member Guest privilege)


  • 3 days in advance (e.g. Monday for Thursday)
  • On weekdays during May, September and October, juniors are asked to play before 4:00 pm, however, if the tee time is open juniors can play given proshop approval. The tee times between 4:00-6:30 pm cannot be booked by juniors.
  • Juniors are permitted to play after 6:30 pm with an adult member on weekdays.
  • On weekends, juniors must play after 2:00 pm, but if a pre-arranged game with an adult member is made, they can play between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm.
  • Juniors cannot play earlier than noon on weekends or be at the club unless authorized by the Director of Golf

Purpose: To define for the members the process and requirements for refunds at Abercrombie Golf and Country Club.

Applications for refund/credit, accompanied by written medical or relocation verification, will be considered per the following formula:

 DateRefundCredit Next YearFall Promo
May1st to 7th10085
 8th to 14th9610080
 15th to 21st929675
 22nd to 28th869270
June29th to 4th808665
 5th to 11th748060
 12th to 18th687455
 19th to 25th626850
July26th to 2nd566245
 3rd to 9th505640
 10th to 16th445035
 17th to 23rd384430
 24th to 30th323825
Aug31st to 6th263220
 7th to 13th202615
 14th to 20th142010
 21st to 27th8145
Sept28th to 3rd280

Should a member qualify for rebate he/she would receive the % of dues applicable at the date of request in writing.
Approval and reimbursement of dues will constitute the cancellation of membership.
Should a member pass away the rebate amount will be automatically refunded per the above formula, at the date of death.
Requests not specifically covered by these terms or considered to have extenuating circumstances outside the strict terms of the above, require Board approval.

Policy: Altering Membership
Date Revised: February 2005
Purpose: To allow Members the option of upgrading their respective membership category. If a member wishes to alter their membership during the season, the following policy applies.
A member who originally signed for a 5 day membership and wishes up change to an Individual membership – Member must pay the difference from the 5 day membership to the individual membership, as defined in the Annual Dues Invoice any time in the season.
A member who originally signed for an Individual membership, and wishes to change to a 5 Day membership, no refunds will be given to the individual.