Men’s Invitational

Abercrombie Invitational     Draw Day 2 Sunday July 30th     8am   Hole # Team 1 Team 1 Team 2 Team 2 1A Derek Forsythe Martin Sellers Bruce Horne Don MacDougall 1B Dale Jenkins Darrell Beattie Terry Hilchey Bill Milberry 2 Ben Cameron Brandon Rankin Don Grant Neil Teasdale 3 Peter Dufault Rob Charlton Brad MacDougall Neil Fisher […] Continue Reading

Jr Invitational Draw

2017 Abercrombie Junior Invitational Draw Hole #1 Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 11:57 B.Manos M.Wallace J.Henderson 12:06 C.Robertson Clint MacLaughlin C.MacDonnell 12:15 I.Sinclair C.MacDonald C.Campbell 12:24 C.Tramble J.Craig T.Long 12:33 A.Wamboldt K.Decoff G.Ives B.Wallace 12:42 B.Baker C.MacLaughlin L.Fraser N.Manos 12:51 C.McCulloch B.Callaghan D.MacKenzie 1:00 E.Callaghan J.Wamboldt L.Tramble

Triple Six Draw

2017 Triple Six Draw     Hole Team 1 Team 1 Team 2 Team 2 1 Kyle Bourgeois Josh Stright 1 Ross MacDonald Barry Kelley Glenn MacLean Bruce Horne 2 Lindsay Steele Steve Saulnier John Thompson Lawrence Lecreux 3 Don Fanning Rory Fanning Rob Legere Albert Clements 4 Jack Langlois Aaron Callaghan Shane Cormier Harvey Cormier 5 Tyler Stright Bruce […] Continue Reading

Club Championship Draw Day 2

2017 Club Championship Draw Day 2 1st Tee Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 8:00 Bill Clark Don MacDougall Geoff Butler 8:09 Tyler Stright Glenn Morton Devan MacDonald 8:18 Wayne Brow Bill Gorman Ron Carlyle 8:27 Mike Malcolm Larry Ryan Karl Vokey 8:36 Al Power Jimmie Henderson Glenn MacLean 8:45 Michael MacDonald Ben Cameron Kellen Malcolm 8:54 Adam […] Continue Reading

Family Classic Draw

2017 Sobeys Family Classic 1pm Shotgun Hole # Name Name 1A Chris Hames Janis Sobey-Hames Lisa Hames Lucas Dickey David Sobey 1B Craig MacDonald Ashley MacDonald Dave Sobey Jaclyn Sobey 2 Emily Charlton Bryanna Charlton John Charlton Evan Charlton 3 Jennifer Austin Corey Tucker Justin Wright Ronnie Wright 4 Lochy Connors Heather Connors Doorothy Carrigan Edward Carrighan Mitch Carrigan 5 […] Continue Reading

Red & White Draw

2017 Red & White Draw # Team 1 Team 1 Team 2 Team 2 Team 3 Team 3 1 C.Garron J.Garron D.Bray M.MacDonald J.Clarke R.Clarke 2 C.MacConnell M.MacConnell D.MacConnell J.MacConnell 3 J.McFraland F.Shea B.Wallace D.Wallace D.Cyr 5 B.Curry D.Morris C.Pearson R.Oehmen 6 J.Morton G.Morton R.Carlyle S.Carlyle 7 B.Cameron T.Stright B.Snell J.Stright 8 M.MacLeod N.MacLeod S.Murray J.Gabriel 9 T.Garrett M.Emond L.Simms […] Continue Reading

Calcutta Draw

ACC Calcutta Teams         Team Name HDCP Name HDCP Total Hole # 1 Mark Fortune 3.5 Rod McCarron 13.7 47.8 1A Darrell Beattie 10.5 Jim Wyatt 20.1 2 Mike MacDonald 4.4 Dave Farrel 14 47.6 1B Pat Williams 11.8 Don Morton 17.4 3 Tyler Stright 7.1 Ron MacDonald 12.3 47.7 17A Treen Garrett 13.4 Brian Holmes 14.9 […] Continue Reading

Member Clean-Up Day – Sign up

CALLING ALL MEMBERS! With golf season drawing to a close, our strong core of volunteers along with our Maintenance Staff are organizing a Member Clean-Up Day on Saturday, October 24th from 9am-1pm. If you are interested in participating, please contact the proshop! Help do your part in making Abercrombie better & more beautiful for the 2016 season! Thank You!

Calcutta Team Draw

Hole # Teams 1 Debbie Bray Jim Lindblad Jason Decoste Eric Simms 2 Michelle Buck Brian Holmes Pat Williams 7 Mike MacDonald Brian Gratto Mike Sullivan Bob MacKenzie 9 Scott Langille Bruce Snell Wayne Atkinson Delia Kreffer 10 Wayne Fanning Treen Garrett Roger Caddell John Lake 11 Kim Murray Janice Clarke Darrell Beattie Dan Cameron 12 Josh Stright Sean MacInnis […] Continue Reading