ACC Invitational

2019 Invitational Prizes
Place Name
Overall Brandon Cuvelier & Andrew Martell
1st Division
1st Gross Steve Sauliner & Trevor Foley
2nd Gross Tyler Stright & Ben Cameron
3rd Gross Roy & Steven Porter
4th Gross Jimmie Henderson & Mike MacDonald
5th Gross Andrew MacPherson & Josh Bouchie
2nd Division
1st Gross Jason White & Donnie Grant
2nd Gross Faber Mackie & Bobby Zinck
3rd Gross Dave Holle & Sean Audus
4th Gross Jack MacDonald & Duncan Chisholm
5th Gross Doug Carpenter & Scott Cooper
3rd Division
1st Gross Brock McLeod & Walter Flower
2nd Gross Rusty Lambke & Barry MacCulloch
3rd Gross David Cusack & Dave MacLellan
4th Gross Brian & Allan Gratto
5th Gross Albert Clements & Tony Gill
4th Division
1st Gross Nathan Fraser & Kevin Smith
2nd Gross Kevin MacIsaac & Gage MacNeil
3rd Gross Ed Hudry & Wayne Fanning
4th Gross Pete Gallant & Geoff Bigelow
5th Gross John Hastie & Clarence Rideout
5th Division
1st Gross Dale Jenkins & Darrell Beattie
2nd Gross John Pitt & John Barter
3rd Gross Brandan Rankin & George Lochead
4th Gross George Turner & Rick Vacheresse
5th Gross Herb Watters & Ross MacLean
6th Division
1st Gross Ted Peters & Wayne Brow
2nd Gross John Sellers & Mike Innis
3rd Gross Ken Greenidge & Stephen Bowles
4th Gross Allan Holmes & Derek Hanscome
5th Gross Barry Flynn & Robbie Semple
Closest to the Hole Winners
Day 1 Name
Hole #5 Barry MacLeod
Hole #8 Dave Gallant
Hole #10 David Cusack
Hole #15 Nathan Fraser
Day 2 Name
Hole #5 Sid Green
Hole #8 Bobby Zinck
Hole #10 Darrell Beattie
Hole #15 Faber Mackie